Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Singing Revolution.. one of the best films ?!

Scrolling through the favourite blogs I stumbled upon this entry by a Canadian Estonian "Singing Revolution Box Office receipts", which shows some kind of North American box office records.

See the picture (here).

The Singing Revolution holds 10th place. At first glance I didn't find it that much interesting, but then I looked at the other titles in the table, like "Juno" (Comedy), 1st place, "I Am Legend" (Science fiction/adventure), 2nd and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Romance?), 3rd, I realized that this is general table with all movies, it is not just documentaries/alternative, which is represented. Thus the Singing Revolution, a documentary, more precisely historic documentary is actually competing with mainstream movies like science fictions and comedies and is able to get into 10 best!

I doubt any of you occasionally watch Russian TV channels like I do, running sometimes hour-long shows about "low culture in America", such as the ones by the famous, talented Russian humorist Mihhail Zadornov (see his Russian Wikipedia entry or his English Wikipedia entry):

Zadornov is particularly famous for his satirical comparisons of Russians and nationals of other countries, especially Americans and Germans. He has rescinded his visa to the United States as a protest to the American athletes' flag-waving behavior at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002.

But with all self-proclaimed Russian "cultural supremacy" over "undereducated Americans" I doubt a documentary would make it into 10 top movies in Russian cinemas.

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