Friday, February 20, 2015

What World the EU’s Russian Embassy lives in?

These days Europe is gearing up for war. Defense budgets boosted. Shelters painted over. Drill plans re-filed. Brigades sprung to life.

The weaker are elbowed aside as countries rush to place emergency equipment purchases.

Merkel and Hollande are out spending 17 hours in God-forsaken Minsk on a fake hope of peace, instead of talking economics on the phone, “saving as” Greece and visiting baguette factories – all the things they should be doing in these, times otherwise uneven. This is how bad things are.
There is one place, however, where sings of trouble are hardly seen. There, the sun is shining with Europe’s warmth and brotherly love to our Russian brethren. It is the EU’s Russian Embassy’s Facebook.

This fresh posting congratulate our Muscovite “friends” on an amazing sunshine in Moscow and wishes them a fruitful week. Seriously? Well, let me try balancing this pretty picture a bit. I do not feel like wishing Russians, busy on their killing fields in Ukraine, a fruitful week. In this disagreement with Putin and apparently with the Embassy that I have, I am strangely, backed by Merkel, Hollande and perhaps half of the World of worried people. This is why sanctions are imposed: to cripple the Muscovite's working week, not to make it fruitful.

The sunshine can stay.