Friday, January 4, 2008

Goloskokov captured!

Konstantin Goloskokov, photo from Jaanus Piirsalu

One of the leaders of Kremlin youth movement "Nashi" Konstantin Goloskokov has been captured by the Lithuanian border guards on the attempt to illegally cross into Lithuania with the goal of infiltrating Estonia, Baltic and Russian media reports, including TASS.

A look at Mr Goloskokov's record reveals that he is famous as one of the leading figures behind the harrassment of the British Ambassador to Russia (see here 1, 2, 3), petitioner to PACE (this piece) as well as for being no less than self-proclaimed chief architect of May 2007 Cyber War against Estonia (this Wikipedia entry). In Estonia Goloskokov is chiefly known for harassment of the Estonian Moscow Embassy staff. By virtue of claiming responsibility for the cybernetic attacks he is the only one known suspect in the case.

Now, according to the Baltic press Mr Goloskokov faces 2 months arrest for illegally crossing the border. No announcement has been made that the authorities in Lithuania or in Estonia are looking into his alleged role in the April and May DDOS attacks against Estonian internet servers and rooters, which, according to his own words he and his fellow associates organized from the lawless, self-governing Moldovan region of Transnistria. The attacks inflicted million of EURs in direct damage to the online banking establishments as well as unknown damage to other bank card-operating businesses and media outlets. Despite the importance of the cyber-sujet in question it is clear that investigating Mr Goloskokov now, several months after the attacks would be pointless, unless he brought his botnet controlling laptop with him.

It is good, however, that our fellow Lithuanians are doing good job of keeping rabid nationalist elements away from our borders.

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