Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kremlin movement exposes own hypocricy. Title of the day

Today's news title from the webpage of Russian pro-Kremlin youth movement "Nashi":

"Free Europe from under Estonian oppression"

Once again Estonia is in the headlines across Russia's media space. Hundreds of Nashists (members of fanatical pro-Kremlin "Nashi" youth movement) surrounded the Embassy of the European Union in Moscow, demanding entry into the Schengen member states for their activists, which, according to their webpage ( was denied by Estonia, quote: "for tens of thousands of Nashi members" by imposing ban on "100 000 Nashi members".

In fact, Estonia has banned entry of only about 2000 persons in total, as widely reported in Estonian media, not 100 000 Nashi members as claimed by the movement. With 2000 people banned from entering Estonia from foreign countries for various reasons, not only, but including those coming from Russia, our country is very far from being exception in Europe. European Schengen member states have currently banned entry for over 700 thousand persons. Latvia, a country marginally bigger than Estonia, has got a ban list of about 5800 persons, according to Baltic media (see this piece in Latvia's Russian language news portal Among the Nashi members stopped at their attempt to infiltrate Estonia was Mr Goloskokov, self-proclaimed architect of internationally famous april Cyber War, who crossed Lithuanian border illegally. This is criminal offence. About this incident see this blog's archive.

Right now Russian blogs are full of question marks on Nashi movement's demands. Nashi movement has publicly asked for unhindered access to Europe. But this step contradicts sharply with organization's trademark anti-Western stance. Shouldn't they be studying in Russian high schools and traveling in such beautiful places as Russia's Far East, North Caucasus and inner oblasts instead of going to unfriendly European Union?

Estonia's Russian language radio station R4 has broadcasted (link to the broadcast) excerpts from public opinion survey and SMS poll done in Russia by Moscow radio station "Segodnya" according to which 90 per cent of respondents saw Estonian Europe-wide entry ban of Nashi members as justified.
Here I'd like to provide some examples of Russian blog entries raising this question (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7):

If you hate Europe - in turn Europe also doesn't want seeing you, reciprocity isn't punishable, but stupidity is.

Now this underpaid Latvian guy can get even as far as Portugal just switching from one train to another, without visas, while good Russian people will have to form crowds struggling to get into (censored) Schengen Embassies, begging for visas and our most beautiful girls will be (censored).

But... What do they need to do in Europe, so hated by "Nashi"? They can take a break from traveling, including traveling to Paris and London. The commissaries in dusty helmets can go to prosperous Iran, North Korea and Cuba.

This is funny, hooligans thought that they could just do some hooliganism, entertainment in extremism without having to face anything but benefits. But here comes a little setback. Though this is right - patriots should not be hanging out in Europe.

Estonia went to Schengen and now Nashists aren't allowed into Europe, where they intended to study and live or at least to enjoy having a break from Russia.

Why Nashi activists would want to visit foreign countries? What would they do there? I don't go there (censored)

What have you counted on, jackals? You expected to be telling us about rotting West, about filthy claws of NATO, about disgusting Imperialists, and then, tired from propaganda, pay them leisure visits?

Ridiculousness of the situation must have appeared to someone in Kremlin, because after some hesitation Moscow's militia (police force) dispersed the protesters, ceasing about 50 of their activists, including movement's arch-leader.

SEE ALSO (ENGLISH) Nashi Picket for Schengen Visas (Kommersant English edition)

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